20 days tour


Duration: 15 days

Location: Tehran,Kerman, shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan , Kashan .

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Day 1 

Location: Tabriz

arriving in Tabriz airport , you are welcomed and assisted by our representative and will be transferd to your hotel 

Overnight : Tabriz

Day 2 

Location: Tabriz

Tabriz city walking - tour includes: Masjede Kaboud(Kaboud masque),Algoli park,Bazar,Arch of Tabriz,clock squer

Overnight: Tabriz

Day 3

Locatin: Tabriz,Kandovan

Drive to Kandovan and visit the vilage of Kandovan , real life of people , visit enter houses of that village




Drive to Zanjan and visit Takhte Soleyman sitting in high which is date back 1500 years ago .This site is UNESCO and also visit beautiful way



Location: Zanjan

Zanjan ciy walking-tour include: Soltanyeh (Town of Soltan) ,Bazar,Archaeological Museum

Overnight: Zanjan


Location: Zanjan,Qazvin

Drive to Qazvin and in the way visit Catleh cave in the Qazvin visit Bazar



location: Qazvin,Alamout

Qazvin city walking-tour include :sepah street , Chehelseton Palace, saadolsaltane and drive to Alamout


Day 8

Alamout walking-tour include: Alamout castel & Hassan-Sabah fortreth ,Ivan lack and drive to Tehran

Overnight: Tehran

Tehran city walking - tour includes: archeaological & covers all periods and artifacts from the majorsites in the country , and Islamic art museums , Golestan palace , Garden Big bazar and also will visit Jewel meseum 

Overnight :Tehran 

Day 9

Location : Tehran ,Kerman 

Morning transfer to airport & fly to Kerman . full day visiting the Ganj Ali Khan complex including Bath & Bazar asa well as the visit Jame mosque

Overnight: kerman

Day 10

Location :Kerman-Rayen-Kalut

in the morning after breakfast drive to Rayan, continue  to Kalut ,observe the sunset in Kalut and visit the stars in clear sky around the fire

Overnight: Kalut

Day 11

Location: Kalut, Yazd

After breakfast drive to Yazd and visit Amirchakhmaq and tranfer to hotel


Day 12


Yazd walking -tour includes: Dakhmeh ,Alter, Dolat abd garden that index UNESCO , Jame mosque  , water museum ,

overnight :Yazd

Day 13

Location: Yazd,Parse ,Shiraz 

After breakfast drive toParse (Persopolic,Necropolice) ,visit Qouran gate

Overnight :Shiraz

Day 14

Location: Shiraz 

Shiraz walking-tour includes: ,Zandie complex (Karim Khan citadel ,Pars museum ,Bazar, Bath, Mosque),take a shower in the traditional bath in the Shiraz Hotel

Overnight: Shiraz


Location : Shiraz 

Shiraz wlking -tour Gardens includes: tomb of Hafiz , tomb of Saadi , Eram garden that index in UNESCO . Afif Abad garden that include gun museum visit zorkhaneh




Shiraz woulking -tour includes: Nasiral-Molk mosque (Pink mosque) ,Nasiralmolk house.Narenjestan Qavam, Manteghy Nejad house, Soushoun house and walk on the old site of the Shiraz. have a good time in the old house with event of persian .


Day 17

Location :  Isfahan 

Drive to the Isfahan after breakfast ,Vank cherch , walk near siesepol and pole Khajou 

Overnight : Isfahan 

Day 18

Location: Isfahan 

Isfahan woulking -tour includes : Chehel seton Garden , visit Naghshe Jahan , Sheikh Lotfolah mosque, Jame mosque , Ali Qapou and woulk on the Bazar

Overnight: Isfahan 

Day 19

Location: Isfahan - Kashan 

Drive to the Kashan after breakfast and visit Abyaneh the old village with read clay that remain 2000 years .you visit the people with different life styl and costem and houses with wood doors . and move to the Kashan .walk on the Bazar 

Overnight : Kashan 

Day 20

Location: Kashan 

Kashan walk-tour includes: Soltan Amir Ahmad Bath , Tabatabaei house, Boroujerdy House , Fin Garden 

Drive to the Imam Airport to  

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