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Departure Hotel 

Location : Shiraz 

Shiraz city woulking _ tour includes: Nasiral _ molk mosque ( pink _ mosque),  , Zinatol_ molouk house & museum,Narenjestan Qavam , , visit iranian house and have a good experience to make Iranian food inclodes ( shoping in market, make your diner with lady of Persien ) 

overnight: Shiraz 

 Day 2 

Location : Shiraz 

Shiraz city wolking_ tour includes: Vakil complex ( citadel, Jame mosque,Bazar) Hafez tomb, Saadi tomb , visit old hous with Iranian traditional event, familier Arts of Iran and If you would like ,you can offer which art that you want to learn at 2 or 3 hours.

overnight: Shiraz

day 3

location: Shiraz, Parse,Yazd

Drive to Yazd ,on the way visiting parse ( persopolis / Takhte Jamshid , Necrapolis / Naqshe Rostam ),AmirChakhmaq squer

overnight: Yazd

Day 4

location: Yazd,Isfahan

Yazd  includes: Jameh Masque,alter, silent tower drive to Isfahanand visit Siosepol and Pol-e Khojou

overnight: Isfahan


location: Isfahan

Isfahan woulking_tour includes: Naqshe Jahan squer/ Imam mosque , Sheikh Lotfolah mosque, Alli Qapu , Bazar,

overnight: Isfahan

Day 6

location: Isfahan 

Isfahan wolking _ tour includes: Chehel Seton Palace ,Hasht behesht Garden , Jame Mosque drive to kashan and visit Bazar

overnight: Kashan



Kashan wolking-tour includes: visit Fin Garden,Sialk Tape,broujerdi house, Soltan Amir Ahmad bathroom,visit the site of Golab ( rose water).

departure to  Imam airport





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