Ard = Holy Can = Land

It is one of the cities around Yazd that has many historical monuments inside, including: Zardak (you can find works related to the fifth and sixth centuries AH in this place).

One of the features of this province is the existence of many aqueducts. Yazd province, due to being a desert, its inhabitants have inevitably built many aqueducts. Whether in the central city of the province, called Yazd, or in the cities and villages of this province, there are many aqueducts. Unfortunately, due to non-native methods, Instead of aqueducts, they have used deep wells where the existing aqueducts have either dried up or are drying up.

Siah Kooh desert is the most important desert in Yazd region. This desert is similar to the horseshoe that connects the northwest to the southeast of Arkan. Due to the location of this desert between two mountains, it is the best place to absorb water currents and floods flowing from the mountains. Products in this city can be called sesame, which is made from sesame, halva called Ardeh halva and another product of this region is pistachio.

Places of interest in this area can be called Pirrisht, Pir Chek Chek. These two areas are built on a mountain and are Zoroastrian shrines. There are houses such as Taqdiriha, Khatami, Sarvari in Charkhab neighborhood .... New Bazaar, Zinaldin, water reservoirs, Khoranagh minarets and other places in this province. One of the places where you can enjoy its starry nights by staying in its caravanserai is the caravanserai in Khoranagh.



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