Duration : 17 Days 

Location :Tehran-Yasuj

Price: on request

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Botany Tour in Iran ia an amazing tour at 17 days .there are so many Botanical Gardens in IRan but there is a Botanical National Park in Tehran . the Garden contains an arboretum,six lakes , hills , rocks garden, a waterfall, a wetland, desert plants areas , a salt lake and wadi, systematic area, fruit garden , picnic area with some pavillions and other facilities and a river about 1 km long in 150 hectares in this Nationa Park . 

Now Botany tour at 17 days

Day 1 

Location: Tehran

Arrived to Imam international airport ,transfer to Hotel.

Overnight: Tehran

Day 2 

Location: Tehran

Tehran palaces tour;includes: Golestan palace,Saadatabad palace,Niavaran palace

Day 3 

Location :Tehran

Eco tour; includes: Excursion to visit Khojir park at Tehran East (22 km) ,this park is an older wildlife park in Iran.



Location: Tehran-Kashan(253 km)

Kashan tour ,includes: Fin Garden indext in UNESCO, Tabatabaei house , Brujerdi house and Aghabozorg mosque.

Overnight: Kashan

Day 5 

Location: Kashan -Abyaneh-Isfahan

Abyane tour,includes: meeting people with traditional and coloreful costemes , become familier with red houses that remain from 2000 years ago that collect wooden doors.

Overnight :Isfahan

Day 6


Eco tour ; includes: excursion to visit Ghamishloo National park which is located at Isfahan North West (45 km) . this garden is semi-desert that host birds,many animals ,plants 

Overnight: Isfahan 

Day 7 

Location : Isfahan-Shiraz(483)

Eco tour includes: Excursion to visit Kolah Ghazi park which is located at Isfahan South East (36 km) .This place host 17 mammals ,reptiles , 46 birds and more than 250 plants .

Overnight: Shiraz

Day 8 

Location: Shiraz 

Eco tour ;includes:Excursion to visit Dashte Arjan which is located at Shiraz West (60 km) .this area is a beautiful geological phenomena in the world . And visit a historical and natural Tange Chogan near Bishapur ancient city .

Overnight: Shiraz

Day 9 


Eco tour ;includes : Visiting Bamou National Park which is located atShiraz North (10 km).This park protection around 40 years .this land is around 48000 hectares this park host 112 animals,69 birds,19 mammal and 2 types amphibian .

Parse tour,includes: persopolic/takhte Jamshid,Necropolic /Naghshe rostam


Day 10 

Location : Yasouj 

Eco tour ;includes: visiting Dena protected area which is located at Yasouj North 


Location: Shiraz 

Shiraz city walking -tour includes:Nasiralmolk mosque(pink mosque) , Qavam garden (Narenjestane Qavam).zinatolmolk house,citadel of Karimkhan Eram garden index in UNESCO,Hafez tomp. 

Day 12

Location: Shiraz

Eco tour ;includes: visiting Maharlou lake which is located at Shiraz South East (18 km) .and then visit Bahram-e-Goor and visit wild animal 


Day 13

Location: Khabr

Eco tour includes:visiting Khabr National Park which is located at Kerman South West and visit wild animals ,Birds and reptiles of the area


Day 14 

Location: Kerman 

Eco tour ;includes :visiting nomad of the Afrhari Tribe .Then leaving for Kerman

Overnight: Kerman

Day 15 

Location :Kerman

Kerman city tour ;includes: Ganjali khan complex (Squer ,Bathhouse,Bazar,Carvanserai,Mosque and Mint)

Overnight: Kerman

Day 16 

Location: Kerman 

Mahan tour includes: Shazde Garden ,Shah Nematolah Vali Shrin ,lut desert ,Rayen citadeland Shahdad desert (Kalouts)

Overnight: Kerman

Day 17 

Location : Kerman-Tehran (994 km)

flight to Tehran:transfer to Imam International Airport for departure flight .


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