Cultural tours


When it comes to culture, most people consider this as the behavior of people and their way of living. Yes,  culture is derived from  behaviors, beliefs and traditions ……..that people live with. Over time, this culture becomes a favorite of future peoples and creates a journey to enter the world of people who once lived in that environment with their own culture. In cultural tours, you travel thousands of years to the present day and get to know different cultures. With these tours, you will step into a world of historical sites where kings lived with Nadims, crews and soldiers, or a poet sitting in isolation in the corner of  their old house and writing poems that are currently being read in literary circles. And critique You can see the ground stoves that turn on the fire when they move, so that life does not disappear from that resort during their migration, so that the hot or cold season will return to that house and they can continue their beautiful and nomadic life. In addition to cultural tours, I will bring art tours in this format so that we can not only get acquainted with the way of life of our ancestors, but we can also get acquainted with their art. Among the cultural tours, you can get to know more about the art of that city, so much so that you can take your handmade souvenir with you by teaching and entertaining in those hours. I, Tina lashkari bod Artemis operator, have planned many trips for you with many memories and we wish to accompany you in all your selected trips.

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