HandicraftPersian Art
Crafts in Iran have been of great importance since ancient times. Like different climate regions in Iran, crafts differs per region to, what we call local craft as they are different from material and design. In Iran there are 14 handicrafts that mix local and popular arts with together ,but we introduce 10 of them below
SilkPersian Art
Dating back to 7000 years ago in Iran . Old fabrics make and use fabrics textiles of a variety of different fabrics. But now it's made in factories and used as cloths. Zari, Velvet, Hazar, Jajim, Poetry, Tent of the Night ......., Some of them are made of handcrafted materials, they are remembered as woven handbags. Like plain, velvet, Silk fabric
Fabric & footwear
Fabric & footwearPersian Art
In this field, according to the tools used, there are 25 types of substructures, substrates or standing or sleeping, often produced with natural yarn of wool, cotton Woven or fluffy are like carpets and gobies or without lace, such as wool and silk. Some textures have a map and some of them are woven without any drawings, which is why the tribes usually make their own carpets. This art and industry goes back to ancient times and some of them can be seen in the museums of Iran and Europe. .
Traditional clothes
Traditional clothesPersian Art
The word clothing means wearing clothes and clothes, and also means to capture, capture, or hide and keep something. Since recognizing and understandingclothing was used for basic needs. It is known that various events were created in accordance with different histories and were considered as important components of identity and culture. Apparel was originally used to protect the body from cold and heat, but it was gradually replaced by a piece of art that was influenced by the artistic taste and as an identifier of human beings with which it was able to display its identity, which is very important to the visitor. Some of them used native dresses to suit the region and the environment that they wear. In Iran, due to the diversity of ethnic groups, there are many local and ethnic costumes, including:all of ethnic in Iran
Traditional embroidery
Traditional embroideryPersian Art
Embroidered clothes are based on the beauty of different regions on clothes, and since Iran has an ancient history this art has a lot of background in Iran. It is also found on the inscriptions of Elamite that this art is on clothes. Women were seen to be covered with leaves and flowers. Of course, traditional roudos are in pre-Islamic Iran and in the era of intercession.Embroidered with yarn and needle and silk, it is designed to decorate the fabric, which brings it back to life. Now it is embroidered like scarf.
Traditional Print
Traditional Print Persian Art
The traditional print is said to include all the arts that are created on brushes, pens, molds, and shampoos on different fabrics. Fabrics and rugs are much older than traditional printing on different fabrics. It includes flax, cotton, silk .... This art has spread not only in Iran but also in other countries in ancient times, including ancient Egypt
Ceramic,Potery & Tiles
Ceramic,Potery & TilesPersian Art
In Iran, this craft is more than ten thousand years old, it was not known at the beginning of its existence, and the artists used their pottery as unwrought. The aforementioned artifacts were used most of the materials of the material, the Parthianites and the Samanids. It was of great importance in Egypt. The first time the pottery was built in Egypt, the industry progressed to the point where in Greece the floors of the pools, the hideaways and so much more. Ceramic things worked so far as the economies of the countries changed, and instead of painting ceramics on the plasterboard, the history of pottery, ceramics, and tiles from ancient times to the present time has peaked and continues until now The most beautiful type of rosary in the style of flower and birds. Shiraz and its illuminated style is the place for ceramics. The Shi'ites came to a special place, as after the religion of Christ, the tiles in temples and churches gave religious roles.
Undercover  craft
Undercover craftPersian Art
Decorative handicrafts include gilding, flowers and birds chicken, animal art, coffee houses, paintings on the wall, leather painting, paper making, and more, including artistic crafts
Leather craft
Leather craft Persian Art
Leather handicrafts were and used for clothes, shoes and necessities. A handwriting for writing letters on a leather page was used. This art in Iran is a thousand-year-old. Books on leather covers is highly admirable, such as the use of engraving on leather, the use of thin gold sheets, and the creation of golden and brown paints on the leather and holding sacred books. Also, engraving on leather, fuel Leather, leather saddlery and leather paintings can be mentioned.
Handicrafts related to architecture
Handicrafts related to architecturePersian Art
There are many artifacts that are old or new, and we use them in architecture. Among them are the bricks, engraving, decoration, decoration, formalization, brushing, decoration, traditional craftsmanship, Chinese lacquer, Mogharnas, mural painting and Yazdbandi can be remembered
Metal craft
Metal craftpersian Art
Metal handicrafts are, in fact, the shaping of metals by different methods. These metals and are used as ornamental objects. The variety of traditional metal works is based on the type of application, the appearance and the method of making them. There are three types of manual handmade methods : chip, mechanism, and grooving The arts related to these industries include pug, stinging, handkerchief, engraving, steel tinctures, metal ornaments, refinishing, locksmithing, making firearms, making firearms, copper wares, turquoise.
Wood craft
Wood craftPersian Art
Today, most people are looking for wooden handicrafts at home and they are an adornment for Iranian homes. Today, even the Europeans are looking at these woodwork, looking for decorating their homes at affordable prices. Art includes: souvenir, bamboo, carpet weaving, woodcarving, wood used in the industry, arches, knitting, carving, brushwork, webbing, weaving, knitting, crocheting, mosaic, traditional instruments.
Marine craft
Marine craftpersian Art
Marine crafts, as its name implies, is the product of all marine products that they can be created create and and painted as arts, or produce or produced as marine products, and these products are found in the seaside cities Northern or southeast. Currently, in Shiraz, on shellfish, there are Shirazi style flowers and chicken bird designs that are welcomed by Iranians and foreigners.
Rocky craft
Rocky craftPersian Art
The stone craftsmanship is of great importance from since a long time ago, because it does not burn, it does not crash and is used in everything, at home, in sculpture, in home decor ... You can mention the works that are left. And it returns to ancient times such as Rostam, Persepolis, the solid pillars of the mosque of Shiraz, the stone lions, the inscriptions of stones ...... and other items such as precious stones decorated from a long time ago and designed Necklaces, bracelets and many items from the past to the present can be named on the rocks.
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