Kashan is one of the cities of Isfahan which has many historical monuments. In this city, one can see one of the oldest places in this region called Silk. Silk is one of the places with a history of seven thousand years that urbanization has also taken place here

The climate of this city is mountainous and desert due to its arched city and unlike all other cities, Kashan has a better climate in the southern part of the city than in the north of the city. Kashan is one of the religious cities and has beautiful and tourist-friendly traditions. Every year, domestic tourists go to Kashan to see the rose-picking ceremonies, just like the people of the south who go to the city of Meymand Fars, near Shiraz, to see this beautiful ceremony. One of the products that tourists are interested in, especially non-Iranians, is rose perfume, and for Iranians, rose is one of the best products used for food and sweets.

Another ceremony of this city is carpet washing, which takes place in October - every year. And the valuable architecture and the story of its construction, I saw the Abbasi house and the five nested courtyards in this house and the bathroom from the roof to the structure that attracts the attention of tourists.

Other places of interest in this city are the underground city around Kashan, which is not less than ten kilometers away, and you can see the city of several thousand years, and another beautiful place that attracts tourists is the Marnjab desert.



Abyaneh is a beautiful and lovely village with a history of 2000 years old along with red houses in Isfahan province. It is another tourist place of this province. The beautiful clothes of this village along with the beautiful nature provide a very favorable atmosphere for tourists and among these The village beautifies the 2,000-year-old historical sites with the women of the village selling their products to foreign and domestic tourists. Despite the hot and dry weather, but it has a very beautiful nature and tourists are very interested in walking in these areas. This village was registered in 1975 as one of the national monuments of Iran.

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