Duration: 10 to 20 days

Location :North to South 


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Explore Nomadic lifstyle ,we offers tours in different parts of Iran . The ever-moving essence of nomads would inspire and impress the travellers, who fascinate to experience or visit such life conditions. We are capable to organize everything enabling you to enjoy Iranian nomad lifestyle.The Zagros mountain ranges, which extends from north-western to western boarder in Iran, has created environmental conditions, which limits the access to natural resources so the nomads are always looking for a suitable ground to raise their cattle in high- or low-lands when season changes. Fars province enjoys varieties of different nomads, who seasonally commute from wintertime location to a growing season area in favour of pasture.

Nomad tour in warm season begins approximately from May to October and  cold season begins approximately from October to May. Depend on season we can make package tour from North to south or V.C, so it depends on your request to come.





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