Shiraz is the center parse province that dated 7000 years .This city is 1486m above sea level.Shiraz is in the Zagros mountain range where the weather is mild. West of Shiraz is a mountain called Derak and in the North of the city there is mountain called Bamo, Sabz poushan,Chehel maqam and Baba kouhi they are continue of zagros mountain.
Shiraz is famous with different names such as Darol Olum,flower city,lover city, Garden city,literature city and wine city . Between all of cities in Iran Shiraz is third holy the third holy city because of Shahe Cheragh on of shrin of Emam (Prophet family). Shiraz and the people of Shiraz known as happy people .since past time till now the people of Shiraz drive to learn literature and also poem such as Hfiz ,Saadi…. Philosophy such as Molasadra so many tourist come to Shiraz to visit those places and they respect them .
The best season to vist Shiraz is March to April (Ordibehesh in Persian calendar) and September to Octobr ( Aban in Persian calendar) .In April the scent of Orang blossomes spread all over the city .
Since 3 century of Persian calendar Shiraz was capital 4 times and in Safavi dynasty it was the main city of win trade but it declined at the 10th century until it stopped.
Shiraz is in the valley so in the past time government wanted to protect this city ,so they made 7 gates around shiraz such as Goran gate, Kazroun gate,Esphahan gate…… but the Gouran gate remained and the other destroyed completely but the name of them remain .
In Shiraz earth quick happened more so many historical places became destroyed such as Goran gate so in Pahlavi dynasty it was destroyed completely and a person named Mr Eigar build it again as it was before . they kept the Goran (Sky book of Muslim) above of this gate that all of travellers passing undeneath the gate were believed to receive the blessing of the Holy book.
Not only Shiraz but also different cities around of Shiraz have more historical sites that you can visit such as Firouz Abad , Safashahr,Bishapour, Ghalat,Sepidan


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